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101 in 1001 days

LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Huge thank you to Inness and Design Darling for this great idea. Everyone should do this! The idea is to create 101 goals that you’ll accomplish in 1001 days. Here are mine:

  1. Come up with 101 things.
  2. Put $10 dollars into savings for every goal accomplished.
  3. Friends & Family: Re-watch Grey Gardens with friends who haven’t seen it.
  4. Organize a small group for high tea at Queen Mary’s.
  5. Go foraging.
  6. Get a friend with a boat (I’m terrible)
  7. Send 30 postcards. (1-Michael,…)
  8. Gift 5 “just for fun” gifts to anyone.
  9. Bake a cake for someone.
  10. Give 20 things on buy nothing.
  11. Send a care package.
  12. Get adult coloring books and color 5 pages.
  13. Send my grandmother flowers for no reason.
  14. Send my mother flowers for no reason.
  15. Cook for 5 friends. (1-Casey, 2-Gabby/David, 3-)
  16. Business/Career: 3 male shoots for portfolio. (1-Pete,
  17. 3 couples shoots for portfolio.
  18. Horse test.
  19. Underwater test.
  20. Sand dunes test.
  21. Merge brands
  22. Finish Marie Forleo’s Bschool.
  23. Re-design newsletter.
  24. Send newsletter once a month for six months.
  25. Re-design & secure vendors for product packaging. (Design aglow…)
  26. Video bio.
  27. Instagram scheduling posts.
  28. 10 emails to bloggers, business owners (marketing).
  29. Get boudoir published in a magazine.
  30. Create and publish a book of new work.
  31. Re-do welcome packet – magazine format.
  32. Make a cinemagraph.
  33. Have someone take my portrait.
  34. Hire an editor or editing company and outsource all editing (looked into this, it’s not happening).
  35. Save enough to put into a Roth.
  36. Find office space.
  37. Shop collaboration in Medina.
  38. Attend a work-related conference.
  39. Attend a networking event.
  40. Get back into keeping an idea journal.
  41. New desk.
  42. New Camera.
  43. New lens.
  44. Buy lights (have lights to borrow).
  45. Pay off laptop.
  46. Personal/Health:  Do yoga in a new place in nature 5 times.
  47. Figure out what to eat and eat that.
  48. Bi-monthly massage for 6 months.
  49. Quit smoking.
  50. Get new glasses.
  51. No phone for 3 days.
  52. Prep for earthquake – water, food, supplies.
  53. Take an out-of-my-comfort exercise class.
  54. Try a full body scrub at Olympus.
  55. Take a self-defense class.
  56. Buy a ficus.
  57. Have a spa day.
  58. Learn to do 5 new things with my hair. (1-messy bun clip,
  59. Invest in a great pair of gym shoes.
  60. Volunteer for something I feel passionate about.
  61. Pay off my credit card.
  62. Travel: Brokeback mountain themed camping trip.
  63. Solo trip to a naked spa in the San Juan’s.
  64. Get out of the country.
  65. Do the Oregon country fair.
  66. See New York for the first time.
  67. Visit family in Wisconsin.
  68. Go to the actual Kentucky Derby – dress accordingly.
  69. See Alaska.
  70. Save enough for the trip to Alaska in May 2016.
  71. Photograph Alaska.
  72. Travel alone for 3 days.
  73. Do every day for a month: Journal.
  74. Read for 30 minutes.
  75. Look in the mirror and tell myself I’m beautiful.
  76. Meditate for 15 minutes.
  77. Go one month without…ordering takeout.
  78. …going shopping.
  79. …getting up after 9.
  80. …eating any sugar.
  81. Just for fun: Take singing lessons once a week for 1 month.
  82. Do painting book challenge, a painting a day for 120 days.
  83. Take pottery class.
  84. Take calligraphy class.
  85. 5 any-media-other-than-photography art pieces (1-triangle weave, 2-christmas painting,
  86. Do a wine and painting class with friends.
  87. See a movie outdoors.
  88. Start a game night.
  89. Take myself on a shopping spree – get stylists to help.
  90. Concept a children’s book.
  91. Buy a big piece of art for the house.
  92. Make a piece of clothing.
  93. Night sledding on Snoqualmie.
  94. Personal photo project.
  95. New tattoo.
  96. Actually create an awesome Halloween costume. (I won a costume contest!)
  97. Create a Christmas card to send out instead of buying.
  98. Buy inflatable raft or inner tubes for easy summer floating.
  99. Throw a party for Addy’s 30th.
  100. Read 10 books. (1-whole30, 2-the ethical slut, 3-poly & jealousy)
  101. Float 5 rivers with friends. (1-Snoqualmie river birthday trip,…)

Beginning 7/31/15, 1001 days later is 4/27/18.