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Location:  The Penthouse by Codor Design in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA.
Hair & Makeup: Ashli Danielle
Client: Kayleen


Early on Kayleen said to me, “I believe in leaving things to the professionals.” Which is one of my favorite things to hear before a shoot because it means that she trusts me completely. Trust is a huge part of this process. From taking advice to opening up in front of the camera, it plays a pivotal role in the outcome of the shoot. When the trust is there it naturally yields wonderful results every time. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

“When I finally got the courage to book a shoot, my first thought was, “oh good golly, what have I done? Is there a just kidding button somewhere?” I wanted to do a shoot because I had been struggling a bit with my post baby body. I’ve been working out and eating better and I still didn’t feel the way I did before my 2 year old came along. I was getting really tired of being disappointed and I desperately wanted to see my body as beautiful, the way it is right now. I wanted to feel sexy and reclaim my confidence. 

The shoot itself? I felt completely comfortable the whole time. I laughed at my own awkwardness. And when I felt myself getting really awkward, Dana would have me wiggle around or promise me that holding a certain position would totally pay off in the end. I had so much fun shooting and I really loved working with Dana – she’s a blast. As for the pictures – holy hot mom bod. When we did the image review, I was shocked. I could not believe how fierce and beautiful and confident and sexy I looked on camera. As we were reviewing the photos, there were a few positions where I had folds of skin on my stomach, or it pushed out more than I’d like. My eye definitely went to those “imperfections” first and what surprised me most is that I actually didn’t mind them. The photographs were beautiful. I still can’t get over how wonderful they turned out.

EVERYONE owes it to themselves to schedule a shoot. The investment is worth it. Hands down, one of the best experiences I’ve had! While it felt like a once in a lifetime experience, I think I’m hooked and will probably do it again and again!”


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  • March 7, 2016 - 11:06 pm

    Inness - So flipping gorgeous! It always confuses me when women this hot talk about their bodies as though they are anything other than flawless.ReplyCancel

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