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Location: Bandia Rua Studios Interbay, Seattle, WA
Hair & Makeup: Ashli Danielle
Client: Kaye


Every once and a while, I meet someone and feel an instant connection. It’s like we’ve known each other for much longer than the 5 minutes I’ve been aware of their physical presence in front of me. From the moment I got on the phone with Kaye, I could tell she was one of these people. She is one of the most kind, compassionate, wise, thoughtful, insightful, and generous women I have ever met.

I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed at what is, seemingly, the best possible time for it to have happened. Kaye loves my mission, process, and photography so much, that she has offered to be a business adviser to Dana Kae Boudoir! She is bringing so much to the team – years of experience in law and business, as well as an extreme knowledge of the English language. I am so excited to have her!


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The people I have photographed have taught me so much about what it means to love yourself and where beauty truly lies. Beauty can be in survival and laugh lines, but it’s always in the soul. I hope that by doing this project, I can help people not only see their beauty in a photograph– but also help them feel beautiful.

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I have seen this experience change lives. I want to do this for women who hear they are beautiful, but don’t seem to believe it. I want to show them just how freaking amazing they really are. The winner will be treated to a boudoir session at no cost to anyone (note: this does not mean nude, boudoir can take many forms).

It includes:
2-hour photo-shoot at the winner’s home or an alternative supplied by the winner
(50 miles round-trip from 98109 included)
Pre-shoot brainstorming session with Dana Kae
Professional make-up and hair styling
Full artistic enhancements and retouching
A dropbox folder of 20 digital images!


*Offer expires 90 days after it is gifted. Participant must be willing to allow images to be published by signing a portfolio release form.*


    1. You must nominate them (and not tell them or anyone else).
    2. Send me their story and why they need to feel beautiful.
    3. Include their contact info: full name, email, phone number, and a small photo for reference.
    4. Nominations can be sent in until the last day of every other month (next date is 5/31). I will notify you and the winner by the 10th of the following month!
    5. All the information should be sent to with the title “Be{you}tiful” in the headline. (Please don’t leave it in a comment below)


Do you know someone that needs to feel beautiful? Someone who could benefit from the empowering art of boudoir? Send me an email so I can hear more about this special friend!

*Current submissions are due to be reviewed May 31st. The next round will start June 1st.
With all my heart,
Dana Kae


This is the story of a girl who changed her mind halfway through. Twice. 

For the first half of my college career I pursued a bachelors in psychology. I passionately studied how images in popular media affects a person’s body image and confidence. I completed research project after research project with solid results that indeed, people are affected negatively by what they see in advertisements. Two and a half years later, the universe was pushing me towards photography. Hard. I unapologetically became the typical change-your-major-sort-of-dropout, packed up, and moved to Seattle to go to the Art Institute; delving head first into what I saw as a chance for a new identity.

I needed it.

Soon after graduating, I got a surprising and amazing job offer from a commercial photography studio to be their lead lifestyle and fashion photographer. I enthusiastically accepted the job but less than a year in, all I had found was unhappiness and resentment. I truly felt lost. I thought to myself over and over again, “How can I not love this?

This is supposed to be the dream…”

The problem was that it went against everything I had and still believed in. In fact, I was now the creator of the media that I so fiercely detested. When I was younger, I can remember looking in the mirror, seeing a chubby face looking back and thinking “You are beautiful. I love this body. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I think I’m amazing just the way I am.” I could feel and see my beauty and strength everyday. At this point in my story, I was deep into a poisonous career, no longer thinking such positive thoughts about myself.

Something had to change.

Just a few months earlier, I had done my first boudoir shoot on a whim for a friend of a friend. It was absolute magic, I felt my soul light up with excitement. I loved working with someone who wasn’t used to being in front of the camera. I loved the styling and planning. I loved the mix of fashion and portraiture. I loved how creative I could get in the editing and the photography. And I loved her reaction to the photos. I absolutely loved EVERYTHING. I remember having a fleeting thought after the shoot, “Maybe this is what I should do.” I ignored it, but not for long. It planted a nagging feeling that wouldn’t be satisfied until I eventually left my studio job and pursued a career in photography that lined up with both my passion and personal beliefs.

Now I stand at the middle of Dana Kae Boudoir.

I look back at all the awful jobs, stressful long nights, worry and doubt, and see that all of it – ALL OF IT – was somehow instrumental in ending up where I am today. I am not only a photographer, I am here to be an advocate for beauty, to help heal, and to change lives.

With all that I have,
Dana Kae