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Rebrand & Alaska

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”

For my Mother’s 60th birthday we took a cruise to Alaska. It was phenomenal. For the last few years I’ve been trying to focus on being present. I was noticing that my intense need to photograph my most exciting experiences was creating physical memories, yes, but it was also taking away my moments. I would completely miss whatever was happening because I was so focused on getting the perfect picture of it. I’m sure many can relate to that sentiment. So, I took a couple years off from it. The documenting. The sharing. The likes. Besides a cell phone picture here and there, I never brought my camera. I swung so far to the other side I stopped sharing/creating many things overall. I’m learning that there is a balance to everything. My intention for this trip was to experience the moments, but also take time to enjoy being creative behind the camera.

My newly realized balance and presence, and these pictures (below) that I enjoyed taking so much, were another reminder of how I adore, maybe even need to photograph many things. I’ve always been taught – “find your niche”, “be specific about what you shoot”, “do one thing really well and do only that” but I’m starting to realize that may just not be me. That may not be what makes me happy. Today I am officially introducing my rebrand to Dana Kae, with Photographer following where necessary. As I roll out changes, I’ll be adding older and newer work I never felt could be posted here, some of which is currently located at

Boudoir IS the photographic love of my life. With any love, it’s necessary to have space. Not space like distance. Space like… expanse, ease, openness. I have been in a self-inflicted box for a long time. I’ve felt that I’ve been trying to play the part of the “perfect boudoir photographer” and in the past, the part of “the perfect commercial photographer”. I felt stifled by and flawed at both. I think at best, I could be called a people photographer, but even then, shooting product is a secret love I rarely talk about but would certainly love to share and explore more. On an even broader scale, I’ve been weaving lately and I want to start painting. Who knows where it will go. I just want the ability to let IT come. Whatever it may be. And I want this space most importantly because I want to continue to serve the world in more meaningful ways. This is me saying yes.

This is me being Dana Kae.

~All my love~


  • July 12, 2016 - 1:10 pm

    Ashli - This is probably my most favorite set of photos I’ve seen from you. I can see the rebirth in every single shot, and the feeling of falling in love with your own work through this adventure is incredibly evident. There is emotion behind the stillness in these. There is passion within the energy of others. I love Addison’s “Marilyn Moment” as the wind picked up her skirt. It’s like you can see your love for her through the lens.

    I’m obsessed with these. I have like, 5 that I want hanging in my house. Seriously.ReplyCancel

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