Alice in New Mexico

Location: Taos, Sante Fe, ABQ

Client: Alice

my twin flame.

my other half.

my best friend.

it’s hard to imagine what life was like before meeting alice. it’s almost like i wasn’t really living until she arrived. i’ve had the most profound experiences with this beautiful human. we’ve watched the sunrise too many times to count. we’ve laughed until we physically couldn’t anymore. we’ve swam naked in the ocean while bioluminescence lit up our every move. we’ve been to so many hot springs i’ve lost count. we packed up and moved her south. i’ve cried so much at the airport multiple strangers on multiple occasions have asked me if i’m okay. we’ve sought out beauty in everything we’ve done together. most importantly, we’ve effortlessly maintained all of this despite the distance between us. simply, “i love you” just doesn’t feel like enough when it comes to alice.

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