Boudoir in a cabin with Blue

Quick list of my most common boudoir posing tips for clients! All the things I coach throughout my cabin boudoir sessions with Blue and beyond :)

  • Typically – toes pointed/in tip toe position
  • Booty Out i.e. arched back if possible (work with ability level first – personally this one is tough for my body and there are other ways to make the bum, stick it out to the side, wedgie, shoot from a low angle)
  • Chest Out/shoulders down (but not always)
  • Easy hands/dancer hands/guide with middle finger/trace your midline
  • Play with lingerie/clothes
  • Self-touch on legs, tummy, neck, face, hair
  • Mouth open a tiny bit (love this one for most people)
  • Move head in lots of angles – look out window/up at ceiling/down at yourself
  • Chin out, chin up
  • Always keep eyes looking forward out of head/if you want to look up, move your head to look up, not just your eyes.
  • If stuck, ask client to just move around for a minute until you see the next pose
  • Don’t run every client through all the exact same poses, go with the flow and let the subject guide you, everyone is different, see them for who they are and run with that
  • Keep moving, just keep moving, slow movements


Location: Cabin on Airbnb in Ashford, WA

Client: Blue

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