Bridal Boudoir with Jules

I detest boudoir *before and afters*. There’s something so “you weren’t enough and now you are” about them. I’ve never done a boudoir *before and after* in my entire 10 year career and I don’t ever plan! But I also wish there was another way I could communicate that 99% of the people I work with are not models. I think a #1 insecurity for people is “I’m not going to look like THAT, this isn’t going to work for ME”.

Full stop.

You are going to look like that and this is going to work for you. I wish it was easier to stop putting people on a pedestal for the way they look (I know it’s so hard, it’s beyond ingrained in us to do this). But the reason my lovely clients should be on a pedestal is for being badass bitches who conquered this fear like a champ and came out on the other side with confidence AND incredible photos to match! And aside from the photos, I often hear after sessions “I honestly would have done this without the photos, I’ve gotten so much just from the experience alone, they are really just the cherry on top!” So if that helps your mindset going in, then lean into that…

You’re here for an empowering experience, fuck what the photos look like! BUT bonus: they’re gonna be amazing and you’re gonna lose your mind when you see them!

Location: The Everett Tiny Haus

Client: Jules

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