Golden & Glory

Location: Golden Gardens Beach  Seattle, WA

Client: Glory

Photography is such a gift. I am always amazed at what it brings to my life. I feel truly blessed to be in such an exciting and creative field. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it once I’m right here. Creating. Sharing. Enjoying. This career has opened many doors to some amazing experiences and I am so grateful. One such photographic blessing is getting me back in touch with old friends. Glory, a friend from what seems like a past life at this point, recently got in touch with me to do a Valentine’s beach boudoir shoot, in the dead of winter mind you.

I tried to talk her out of it (for her own sake) but she was committed, and I’m so glad she was because the conditions were literally perfect besides the cold. The mix of sun, clouds, and crazy wind made her hair and the water behind her look amazing and gave these images sooooo much feeling. Which is another thing I can always count on being a photographer, shooting in wild conditions (which I love to my core). I will say – no matter how cold, uncomfortable, tired, nervous, or even scared I am – for some reason once I’m actually behind the camera, I’m able to block it all out and just exist with it instead of fighting it. I am so focused on getting the shot that nothing else matters, but it all matters. I’m getting a little philosophical here, but I think those are some of the only moments in my life where “I” am not in control and yet seem to derive it from some other source. Something else takes over and I just go with it.

and I just go with it.

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  • DougNovember 7, 2015 - 2:09 pm

    This turned out to be an awesome idea – I love it!ReplyCancel