Kirsten at the river & weather cancellation policy!

Shooting outside is ALWAYS going to be a gamble, especially in the pacific northwest. Here’s my weather cancellation policy explained in full detail. Let’s start with the contract terms:

“On the day of the photography shoot, the Photographer may opt to reschedule the shoot due to inclement weather. No fee or penalty shall be incurred by any Party should the shoot need to be rescheduled due to inclement weather.”

Now let’s break that down…. when it comes to the possibility of rain, my policy is that if there is a 50% chance or rain or higher during the time we will be shooting, I will reach out to you to see if you’d like to proceed as scheduled, move to a different location (indoors or with cover), or find my next available date. Here’s the important thing: since the weather changes so rapidly, we will wait until the night before for early sessions or about 4 hours before for afternoon/evening sessions to make a call! Trust me, I know it’s hard not to look until the night/hours before; but, I promise, 8/10, the weather will change a million times between now and then! And don’t worry, I’ll be fully present to guide you through all of these calls and decisions so we can make the best choice for you!


Dana Kae

Location: Snoqualmie River Secret Spot

Client: Kirsten

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