Location: AirBnB in Port Townsend, WA

Client: Molly

Okay so I have a problem with boundaries. Always have. It’s the problematic people-pleaser in me. For a while I’ve been “giving away the pot” so speak when it comes to what I charge for travel, often under-cutting myself, because I feel bad? The other day I was kicking myself, yet again, for undercharging for travel (P.S. this has absolutely nothing to do with the lovely human below, lol, she is amazing and perfect and jesus christ please go look at her pictures), so I sat down and wrote out a more comprehensive list of my travel requirements. I’ve posted this on my pricing page as well, hoping that by making this more public I can stick to it <3



  • mileage – .57 cents per mile after 50 miles
  • time – $50 p/hr after 2 hrs
  • lodging – 1 night stay for round trip travel over 4 hrs & at least 2 nights stay for round trip travel over 8 hrs
  • airfare/rental car – typically required for locations over 300 miles away
  • travel costs can be split – if I book multiple sessions in the area during my time there
  • outside of the U.S. – custom pricing, please contact Dana Kae


  • no long distance, mountain, or adverse weather driving after nightfall
  • no driving or lodging shared with clients
  • no days longer than 10 hours with shooting/traveling
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