Moody Everett Boudoir Session with Emily

It’s not every day someone asks for their boudoir shoot to be “weird and creepy like Sally Mann”. I knew immediately this was going to be a good one. I adore Sally Mann. She’s been a favorite of mine since college. Sally’s work is all about location, so I spent the better part of two days researching and driving around scouting. I love a good challenge AND I knew I wanted to make this experience really special for Emily. She’s having a preventative double mastectomy next week. She carries the gene that gives her an 87% chance of getting breast cancer. This surgery will reduce her risk to 1-3%. We have a very badass after-shoot planned once she’s all healed up.

It is truly one of the biggest gifts in my life to help folks through boudoir during big moments like this one. Very honored to be a part of this special human’s story and even more thrilled to celebrate her new much safer boobs soon, this time, with bugs! Keep an eye out for Emily’s after shoot coming later this year ❤️


Location: My Everett Tiny House, Big Gultch Trail, & North Creek Park

Client: Emily

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