FIRST OF ALL – You are hands down the coolest, most talented little mamacita I know. Second of all, I am eternally grateful for the time and energy you spent on bringing these shots to fruition. Amazing work. So many thanks are in order, but I will just leave you with this testimonial, as promised-Dana is power, expertise, and kindness incarnate. She is a force to reckoned with behind the camera and a savior to those before it. Expect to fall in love with her and more importantly, yourself. Her skill allows her to effortlessly capture the moments we’re not privy to when simply gazing at our own reflection, and her level of devotion to the final product is unrivaled in my experience.


I cannot imagine anyone better suited to boudoir photography than Dana. Her photographic eye and artistic vision are unparalleled, and her stunning work speaks for itself. I felt like we were instantly friends, and Dana is the kind of friend who will make you feel like the absolute best version of yourself–simultaneously totally comfortable and elevated to smokeshow status :) Working with her is an absolutely transformative experience, one that I did not want to end. Thankfully I’ll be forever reliving it through her incredible photos!


Dana and I have worked closely in a variety of dynamics: Photographer and Retoucher, Photographer and Subject, as well as peer collaborators within the Social Media Team at Studio 3. Dana’s positive, upbeat attitude spanned across each and every interaction we had and I truly miss working with her. Dana’s drive and creativity skyrocket above anyone else I have had the pleasure of meeting in the creative industry thus far. I am proud of the projects we worked on together and I know Dana will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to.

– Sarah Ludwig

Shooting with Dana now ranks among my very favorite life experiences. When I decided to give myself a boudoir shoot to celebrate my 30th birthday, I did some pretty exhaustive research to find a photographer, and I looked through what felt like hundreds of photos in portfolios online. When I found Dana’s site, I knew I could stop looking. Dana’s work speaks for itself; it is beautiful, elegant, sensual, and always absolutely stunning. Most importantly, she captures each client’s individual voice, personality, and look so distinctly that no two shoots look the same. Part of that comes from Dana’s enormous artistic talent and photographic eye, and part of that comes from the natural gift she has for connecting personally with her clients and making us all feel comfortable. From the very first step, you are in the best hands imaginable with Dana; she listened to my ideas, got a feel for what I was looking for, and took the time to just get me as a person, and she will guide you through the whole process! Dana is amazing at what she does and has support for you at every step along the way. Knowing that makes it easy to relax and trust in her. This kind of shoot can seem like a scary proposition, but Dana makes it a fun, natural, totally celebratory process, and you’ll feel pampered, glamorous, and, frankly, pretty badass. The experience has been kind of life-changing, and if you’re thinking about booking a shoot with Dana, don’t even hesitate. You will thank yourself for years to come!


Holy shit dude. You’re amazing. I’m so so impressed. You just totally get me! And it’s insane that you’re able to capture someone’s personality like that.


Dana is great to work with! She took my nephews baby photos. They turned out amazing. She was very attentive and creative. She turned a cranky baby into a work of art!

– Rachael

Don’t be nervous!  Dana is SO MUCH FUN and easy to work with, not to mention, you get amazing one-of-a-kind pictures. She takes time to get to know you during her pre-planning session and makes you feel 100% comfortable during the shoot. Dana even brings wine, your favorite kind of fresh flowers, and golden raspberries. How great is that!?!? I can’t wait to give my boudoir book full of Dana’s shots to my soon-to-be husband the night before our wedding!

– Amanda

Dana not only exudes confidence but is easy to work with in that she is respectful, punctual and thinks out of the box. She really understands how to use lighting to add that extra something to the shoot. Dana is able to guide the model and tell her assistants what to do so that the shoot flows and goes smoothly. I would use Dana over and over again, amazing work and just great to be around!

– Peter Czarnecki

Dana is just absolutely lovely to work with. Like most anyone who is going into a boudoir shoot I was so nervous. BUT, not half as nervous as I actually thought I would be, as the pre-consultation with her was so laid back and fun – I felt like I was just having coffee with an old friend. She is such a sweetheart, and so professional, smart, innovative and talented. As a photographer myself I was extremely picky and critical of the boudoir portfolios I was researching out there. Dana’s BY FAR was the most beautiful, classy, unique, and technically well executed. The actual shoot itself went so smoothly, and after a couple glasses of champagne (she knows what she’s doing:) ) the nerves were gone, and I was shocked that I was actually having FUN. And, the results were gorgeous. Dana was so communicative and flexible throughout the process. I am pretty sure I will be calling her again one day : )

– Kimberly

When I finally got the courage to book a shoot, my first thought was, “oh good golly, what have I done? Is there a just kidding button somewhere?” I wanted to do a shoot because I had been struggling a bit with my post baby body. I’ve been working out and eating better and I still didn’t feel the way I did before my 2 year old came along. I was getting really tired of being disappointed and I desperately wanted to see my body as beautiful, the way it is right now. I wanted to feel sexy and reclaim my confidence. The shoot itself? I felt completely comfortable the whole time. I laughed at my own awkwardness. And when I felt myself getting really awkward, Dana would have me wiggle around or promise me that holding a certain position would totally pay off in the end. I had so much fun shooting and I really loved working with Dana – she’s a blast. As for the pictures – holy hot mom bod. When we did the image review, I was shocked. I could not believe how fierce and beautiful and confident and sexy I looked on camera. As we were reviewing the photos, there were a few positions where I had folds of skin on my stomach, or it pushed out more than I’d like. My eye definitely went to those “imperfections” first and what surprised me most is that I actually didn’t mind them. The photographs were beautiful. I still can’t get over how wonderful they turned out. EVERYONE owes it to themselves to schedule a shoot. The investment is worth it. Hands down, one of the best experiences I’ve had! While it felt like a once in a lifetime experience, I think I’m hooked and will probably do it again and again!


Dana is a pleasure to work with. She is easy-going, honest, and passionate about her work. If you haven’t seen her website yet you should definitely give it a look. Her mash-up photos are some of the most energetic images I’ve seen in a while. All of her work is incredibly fun and fresh. Great asset to have on any team.

– Drew Hisey of Dapper Media

Working with Dana was an absolute dream. Her radiant cheerfulness and dedication to her clients made my boudoir shoot a beautifully positive and affirming experience. Dana is punctual, professional, caring, and a gorgeous soul to work with. Everything from our initial emails, to pre-shoot meetings, up to the shoot itself was part of a whole process that promoted body love and self-affirmation. She answered every question and eased every concern. If you are on a journey to learn to love yourself, I cannot recommend more highly booking a shoot with Dana – she will rock your world and change your life!

– Carrie

While my photos may suggest otherwise, I am an introvert! It can take me a while to open up to others, but Dana is one of those rare and wonderful people who exudes so much joy and positive regard that it’s impossible to stay shy. Her sparkling personality is truly infectious. She is also an amazing photographer with a great eye for real beauty. I had such a fun and magical time with Dana on the day of my shoot, and I can’t wait to have another reason to work with her.

– Inness

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Dana during a video shoot she was involved in last summer. Dana was amazing to work with. And she has an amazing eye with her camera. I would hire her again without hesitation and plan to in the near future. She’s that good.

– Eric Osnes

As someone who’s not a model, a photographer who can help put me at ease is of paramount importance, and Dana does exactly that. She and her entire team are just super positive and very laid back… which is exactly the kind of vibe you want when you’re posing in your undies.

Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict

Bottom line is: WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! I would’ve never pictured myself doing a boudoir photo session, but as my wedding approached, I decided I wanted to do something unique for my now-husband.  At first, I was very nervous about doing this, but after I came across Dana’s boudoir photography, I was totally convinced and did not hesitate to contact her. By looking at all her past work, I knew that I would be in great hands. My first meeting with Dana was great! She is such a considerate and laid-back person. I find her to be very personable and she truly cares about what I want. During the day of my photo shoot, I was running late & I felt really bad. However, Dana was so patient and she still made me felt at ease. The whole session was so fun & enjoyable!!! I loved every moment of it! Dana is so creative and she is VERY prepared & brought other accessories to incorporate into the photo shoot! The pictures turned out great & my husband LOVES them. This is definitely not the last time I will be working with Dana again. She is just THAT AMAZING!!! Love ya Dana!!! You’re very inspiring & thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Thavi

I’ve worked with Dana on photo shoots and have been very impressed with her work. She has an amazing eye and has the ability to capture great shots while making everyone feel at ease. From initial concepts to final editing her work, ideas and attention to detail are the best I’ve seen!

– Robin

I’d typically describe myself as shy and introverted but standing in-front of the camera I was transformed to a confident, outwardly sensual person all thanks to Dana’s support, professionalism and ability to make the entire process so much fun. She puts a lot of effort into preparing her clients and keeping them comfortable through the entire photo shoot. I really valued the fact that she took the time to meet me in advance to plan the shoot and coach me. I’d highly recommend in investing in the full package and let Dana handle all the little details so you can focus on relaxing and being in the moment. Her work was stunning and I’m so pleased with the outcome that I’m even considering another photo shoot. I see myself in a whole new light after this transformational and confidence-building experience.

– Kirsten

Dana is an extremely talented photographer that is able to capture the exact look her clients are looking for. She also gives incredible input to projects and is a breeze to work with. I look forward to shooting with her more in the future.

– Jenascia Chakos of DList Magazine

This shoot with Dana began as a gift for my husband, but in reality, it became so much more than that. There aren’t quite adequate words to describe the positive feeling of adoration and empowerment you gain from being in front of Dana’s lens. Being the center of your very own photo shoot is absolutely nerve-wracking, I will admit, but Dana has this magical energy about her that forces that nervousness into excitement and exhilaration – and you don’t even realize it’s happening. She is encouraging, she is patient, she is genuine and she is honest – combined traits that aren’t easy to come by. The day spent shooting is now one of my favorite memories. At the end of it, as I climbed out of that freezing cold river, all I could think about is how I wished I could do it all over, again and again. The tangible aspect of this gift – the set of photos I will cherish forever – was more like the icing on the cake for the real gift she gave me, which was a renewed sense of self. She gave me the gift of confidence, of strength. She gave me the gift of sight. To see myself in a completely different light, to see my body as she sees it, to love my body as it deserves to be loved. That sense of adoration and that revelation of sight is priceless. Every person, man or woman, deserves to harness the gifts that she bestows to her clients.

– Ruby

Dana and I worked together a few years ago at a Seattle photography studio and when she left the studio to pursue her own photography business I knew someday I would want to work with her again professionally or as a client.  The day finally came shortly after I was proposed to, I reached out to Dana for a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift for my husband.  In our pre-shoot planning session I provided a short list of ideas and inspiration including a request to try to capture some sci-fi inspired shots. On the day of the shoot we had a blast and Dana did a fantastic job capturing a collection of unique and authentic photos and though I only saw a few sneak peaks I knew the photos were everything I had hoped they would be.  The experience was so positive that I plan to do another shoot with Dana in the future. After reviewing the photos with Dana and receiving the digital album I just couldn’t wait to surprise my husband.  So instead I sent him a digital photo or two every day for a month leading up to the wedding and surprised him with the final printed album a few days before our wedding.  It meant so much to him and I have Dana to thank, I wouldn’t have done a boudoir shoot with anyone else.


When I look through Dana’s portfolio, I appreciate the range in her work – women of all ages, shapes and styles are beautifully captured in poses and emotions absolutely captivating. So sensual! Some images are mesmerizing, some images even intensely personal and deeply moving. Beauty inspires Dana to do her work, and she sees beauty in every woman, with no exceptions. That’s the message clearly conveyed in her work. She’s an artist. Her portraits are her little love letters to the people she shoots. She works mostly with natural light, and that is such a gift and talent. I love the way she makes skin glow – where, somehow, her near-nudes appear to be lit from the inside out; or, perhaps that’s more of Dana’s magic, that she somehow simply photographs our inner light…. If you’re considering a shoot with Dana, absolutely do it! Yesterday! You will see yourself in a new way. The wonderful experience will nourish your confidence in a way you can’t imagine. You can relax and give her your trust. She’ll know what to do.

– Kaye

Hired Dana to take a shoot of me on the OR coast. I’m almost 60 and hoped to capture just a tiny bit of my former glory. I went into it scared and apprehensive. But it was the most amazing experience and I walked away with a new love for myself. Dana has a talent that goes beyond being a genius behind the camera.  I couldn’t be happier with my photos and the change in my outlook was a true and unexpected bonus.

– Vicky

I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful boudoir pictures or the experience I had with Dana.  I was lucky enough to win a donated session in a raffle for Rain City Rock Camp for Girls.  Although very excited at the idea of sexy pictures,  I didn’t exactly have a purpose for having them taken, and therefore felt a little lost in the direction of the shoot.  Dana was so kind and encouraging, reassuring me that the ‘need’ for them was simply celebrating your own beauty, strength and sexiness.  Through just a few conversations, she was able to really get a grasp on my personality and what I think is sexy, and then created and captured just that. By the end of my shoot I felt amazing.  Dana is gifted in making others feel fabulous inside and out; what a wonderful quality to possess!

– Alissa

Exuberant and wild are the words that come to mind when describing how I felt towards the end of my shoot with Dana. What a wonderful and freeing experience! I’ve never felt more secure and pretty than I did shooting with Dana. Highly recommended for any woman that wants to get in touch with her feminine, sexy, and seductive sides while having just a ton of fun! Huge thanks to Dana for making me feel so comfortable and for helping me open up my creative, sexy self!

– Natalie

My hat is off to Dana Kae for her fantastic professionalism and ability to make a nervous dream a comfortable reality! Dana was professional and not pushy in any way. Her way with people and ability to see through the camera’s eye view is something I never would have seen or thought possible. From the start Dana made every attempt to truly get into my head and find out what my loves are as well as see what makes my heart beat to it’s own beat. Thank you Dana for sharing your art with me and all the lucky viewers and other gals needing a boost in the future!


When I first saw Dana’s work, I was blown away. Her style of boudoir was nothing like I had ever seen or imagined. I was doubtful that I could afford her, but she and I were able to build a custom package that made it all possible for me. The entire process felt like an artistic collaboration to attain my own dream photo shoot. And exactly that was accomplished. On the day of the shoot, I was doubting my modeling abilities. However, Dana helped ease my anxieties and gently guided me through poses and angles. By the end of it, I not only felt that I presented myself strongly, but felt like I could even see myself doing another shoot in the future. Dana wouldn’t end the shoot until she knew I was completely satisfied, and that last shot of me in the pool turned out to be my absolute favorite.

– Allison

I originally found Dana by way of looking for Boudoir photographers for a friend and was so drawn to her style that I wanted to hire her for myself. It’s immediately clear in her portfolio that her artistry talent is phenomenal, but the range of clientele Dana displays is something you really don’t see in other Boudoir portfolios. However, being single and at the heaviest weight of my life, it seemed silly: “What would I do with Boudoir photos of myself!” I decided that I had found myself in a rut and wanted to do the shoot to help inspire me to bring that side of myself back out. After my brainstorming session with Dana, I knew I had found the right photographer for myself. Dana’s infectious personality and advocacy for positive body image made me feel confident in my decision. I chose to leverage her wardrobe styling since I have obviously been lacking the ability to sex myself up. What I loved most is that she was able to show me that sexy doesn’t have to be portrayed in teeny tiny bodies in teeny tiny outfits. The day of the shoot was amazing. Dana’s special touches to the session and her team’s hilarious personalities made it feel like you were having a party with all your best girlfriends. Dana is the real deal. She understands how to manipulate light like I’ve never seen and the experience is one you’ll never find in a traditional photography studio. My images far exceeded my expectations; she captured my spirit in ways I couldn’t have imagined and I’m so thrilled I gave myself the Dana Kae experience! No matter your shape, size, age or relationship status: don’t hesitate for a minute to do this for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

– Cynthia

Dana is fantastic at what she does when I first decided I wanted to do boudoir photos I was quite nervous. But Dana has a fancy booklet that can take away most anxiety you have because she has all information you ever need in that booklet and it’s yours to keep. It lays out what to do to prepare for your shoot. Dana is always available to answer questions or just help you plan. The day of the shoot she is totally in her element and makes you feel at ease. The pictures are more than I ever imagined they’d be. I can’t thank Dana and her skills enough.

– Kayla

From the beginning to the end Dana made my experience wonderful. She was always timely, professional, made it so I never had to wonder if something would fall through the cracks because I knew she had it covered.  In addition to being extremely professional though, Dana is easy to talk to and went above and beyond to get to know me and get the most out of our shoot. She listened to me blab on and on with endless ideas and helped me through everything from outfit decisions to calming me down after a salon disaster. I would highly recommend doing a shoot with Dana. You won’t be disappointed and your 80-year-old self will thank you.

– Molly

Fragile as a flower after cancer treatment, doing a boudoir shoot after my mastectomy took a courage and stamina I barely had. However, Dana was warm and calm and low key during the shoot. They stylist was fantastic also. And the photos. The photos still take my breath away! They stand as witness to my beauty and sensuality in a way I CANNOT deny. Thank you Dana, for that is a gift!

– Erica

I have been wanting to do Boudoir pictures for awhile, always waiting for the perfect moment, when I lost the right amount of weight or when I felt the best. Last year I made up my mind I would go for it. I inquired about a few photographers and planned on meeting with at least three. Dana was the first photographer I met with and the last. From our first meeting, I felt that with her, I would feel most comfortable. I also liked her organization and professionalism. The day of the shoot was nothing less than fabulous. Dana pays attention the smallest of details, makes you feel comfortable, fabulous and sexy. It was by far one of the best things I did for myself. The experience was amazing and one I would recommend to every woman who wants to feel magnificent inside and out.

– Adriana

My Boudoir Shoot was more than I could ever have expected. Dana helped me to prepare in ways that I wouldn’t have known to think of. During the shoot Dana helped me feel comfortable and safe. Her confident yet down to earth presence really helped to calm my nerves. And with her camera she captured my playfulness, sexiness, and beauty. I now see myself as a work of art. Every woman deserves that! Thank you Dana!


It was Dana’s great smile that won me over on our first meeting! She is warm, engaging, encouraging, fun and talented. I felt like I could talk to her about anything. Her professionalism in photography is so evident that I would recommend her to anyone. Being selected for the Be{you}tiful Project was such a wonderful experience for me and I am still feeling thankful for her generosity. I never felt like Dana was rushing through our meetings or the photo shoot and she always answered my emails and questions promptly. Dana is fabulous in every way and will make anyone’s photo shoot feel like a fun field trip! Oh, and the pictures that she takes are amazing!!!

– Debbie