ABOUT meet Dana Kae

Hi! I'm Dana Kae (she/her). The creator of the work you see here. With over 10 years of experience in photography, I specialize in boudoir, portraits, lifestyle, events and weddings and offer custom photography services to private clients and businesses both locally and worldwide. 

As an almost psych graduate and an actual graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle in Commercial Photography, I'm able to create a very safe space for people to open up. I'm a coach, a friend, and a guide through the entire process.

When I'm not busy making you look good, I travel, obsessively collect vinyl, and am low-key constantly casually redecorating my tiny home. I live just north of Seattle but I'd travel anywhere with you for that perfect shot.

I would love for you to check out my photography portfolio and get in touch especially if you’re in need of boudoir, professional headshots/portraits, event/wedding photography, or commercial photography. To book your shoot - click here :)


I KAYE “Beauty inspires Dana to do her work, and she sees beauty in every person, with no exceptions. Her portraits are her little love letters to the people she shoots. That’s the message clearly conveyed in her work. She’s an artist.”
II EMILY "She captures each client’s individual voice, personality, and look so distinctly that no two shoots look the same. Part of that comes from Dana’s enormous artistic talent and photographic eye, and part of that comes from the natural gift she has for connecting personally with her clients and making us all feel comfortable. From the very first step, you are in the best hands imaginable."
III sarah "Dana’s drive and creativity skyrocket above anyone else I have had the pleasure of meeting in the creative industry thus far. I am proud of the projects we worked on together and I know Dana will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to."