Seattle Maternity Photography with Charlie

This is the kind of maternity photography I love. Low-key. Casual. In your home. With and without the kids. Relaxed either way. Lingerie. Robes. Fabrics. Flowing beautiful textures. I’ve never been pregnant but I can’t imagine a better time for a photo shoot. You are bringing another actual human being into the world, your body is doing unimaginable things and changing constantly. There’s little you have control over and that can include your body image. BUT you can take back some of that control by doing things like this. By taking an afternoon to feel beautiful and focus on yourself. I swear the babies can feel it too. This sh*t just feels good. And the good feeling keeps on coming every time you and your family look at the pics for years to come <3


Location: Client’s Home in Seattle, WA

Client: Charlie

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