Heidi & Phil

Location: The Palladian Hotel in Seattle, WA

Client: Heidi & Phil

THESE TWO. OMGLAWDYLAWDY. I know sometimes it seems like I could just go on and on about the people I photograph, but I really do develop these deep, beautiful friendships. Photography (especially boudoir) is an intimate experience, and quite simply, we end up creating something that wasn’t there before – AND I COULDN’T BE MORE GRATEFUL for that. It’s why I love doing this. Seeing people relax and blossom in front of my eyes is the most beautiful thing and I’m constantly in awe of the way we work together and end up lifting *each other* up through this experience.

Endless endless thank you’s to everyone who gives me the opportunity to photograph and really see them. You are my light and I love you just the way you are.

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