Location: Floor 13 by Codor Design

Client: Natalia

Mercury in retrograde/rainy spring weather has me all sorts of internally focused at the moment, so instead of forcing myself to write I’m going to feature this beautiful human’s testimonial because it put THE BIGGEST smile on my face. Natalia you are an absolute gem!!!

“FIRST OF ALL – You are hands down the coolest, most talented little mamacita I know. Second of all, I am eternally grateful for the time and energy you spent on bringing these shots to fruition. Amazing work. So many thanks are in order, but I will just leave you with this testimonial, as promised: Dana is power, expertise, and kindness incarnate. She is a force to reckoned with behind the camera and a savior to those before it. Expect to fall in love with her and more importantly, yourself. Her skill allows her to effortlessly capture the moments we’re not privy to when simply gazing at our own reflection, and her level of devotion to the final product is unrivaled in my experience.”
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