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Location: The Alexis Hotel – Downtown Seattle, WA
Hair & Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory
Client: Robin



This shoot is the perfect example of why it is so important to developing a clear concept of what you want from your boudoir shoot and use that to guide your location choice. Robin did this with flying colors. Her inspiration: Dita Von Teese. She compiled inspiration images for me and we both set to out to find vintage hotels in Seattle. We finally decided the Alexis Hotel would get us the closest results. She also brought a phenomenal dress, which meant we were able to explore other parts of this gorgeous hotel. This added to the variety and story we wanted to tell. Then it was just a matter of finding the light! That’s when I spotted this silver-snake-skin-amazingness right next to a window in a less traveled part of the lobby. Look at how it glows against that red!


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  • July 29, 2015 - 1:22 pm

    Kathryn Martini - I love everything you stand for and do!

Location: Private Warehouse  SODO, Seattle, WA
Hair & Makeup: Peter Czarnecki
Client: Megan


I got home from this shoot and literally ran to the computer. Initially, I really just wanted to see the pictures big and in color… 6 hours later and I had 25 gorgeous shots of this girl. Megan and I decided to shoot at a warehouse in south Seattle, which, at first glance, was simple and pretty empty but ohmyheavens the light in that building was so incredible! Ladies who are planning shoots with me – this is a perfect example of how getting creative with the location can give your shoot a very unique tone. Thanks to Peter Czarnecki, an incredible stylist and friend, the wardrobe and Megan looked absolutely flawless. We also had some assistance from Megan’s wonderful girlfriend Barbara Danczik, and we even used a studded vest she designed!

These are the kinds of shoots that revive me as an artist. I mean really? Boudoir in a warehouse? I die.

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Location: Star Mooring Farm  Newberg, OR
Hair & Makeup: Client Provided
Client: Natalie


I know I run the risk of sounding repetitive in some of these posts with “gorgeous that”, “beautiful soul this” – but, honestly, I get to photograph some of the most amazing women. I’m not sure how I continue to get so lucky, but it seems like every time I’m behind the camera I am honored. Honored to be in that moment, in that place, with this glowing wonder in front of me. So open, so freaking open and with a camera pointed on her none-the-less! I’ll never forget watching Natalie run down that lane laughing and yelling back to us, “I could do this all day!” It makes my heart so happy to see women completely at ease with their bodies. I hope it’s something they carry with them always, but I’m sure that at least for that moment, they felt it.

boudoir, photography, seattle, dana kae, sexy, photos

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  • December 13, 2013 - 10:51 pm

    Inness - I keep coming back to this shoot over and over. This woman is glorious!ReplyCancel