1-on-1 Mentorship with Dana Kae


Ever wanted to pick my brain? It’s wild in here and I’m opening it up to the world – specifically anyone who’d like to learn about:


  • How I’ve built a recession proof 6-figure business with a limited marketing budget (+ a strong dislike for social media)
  • How I edit/retouch + save time on both
  • How I balance rest/work + set boundaries with my business
  • Running + renting a studio space (hint: you essentially get a free or nearly free place to shoot by doing this successfully)
  • Flattering everyone + finding beauty in imperfections
  • Contracting, invoicing, intake forms, the boring stuff that really matters
  • … anything else you want to ask about – I’m an open book!


$175 – 1.5 hours on Zoom*

*Recorded so you can watch again later


I can’t wait to chat <3