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Location:  Mudflats & Sand Dunes at Moses Lake, WA
Hair & Makeup: Client provided
Client: Pete


I am so excited to finally get a male boudoir shoot up on my site!! Check out Pete’s theatrical and drop-dead-gorgeous shoot at the Moses Lake mudflats & dunes. The best thing about this location – it was 100% free, you just have to have some cojones to get down to your skivves in public (ish)!

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  • February 1, 2016 - 8:51 pm

    Some Lovely Photos: We Spy Peter In The Dunes… | Seattle Gay Scene | Your Daily Gay In Seattle - Some GORGY photos by Seattle photographer Dana Kae, of man about town Pete Rush, the award winning theatrical and film designer.ReplyCancel

Location:  Floor 13 in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA
Hair & Makeup: Ashli Danielle
Client: Emily


This girl.

From the moment we met there was an instant connection. A spark. She is one of those isthisevenhappeningtome clients where she truly just wants me to do my thing. I connected deeply with three things about her and why she was doing this shoot:

  1. She did it completely for herself. And yes, she has a boyfriend. Now what’s unique about this is not that the photographs were for herself. It’s that she didn’t wait. The thing is, 99% of the time – this is what I hear from my clients: they’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a shoot, but they’ve been waiting for an excuse. Here is my counterpoint to that train of thought: why do you need an excuse to celebrate yourself now?
  2. She wanted to see herself as she is in her photos. Emily doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and she rarely does her hair (another reason we get along SO WELL). She decided early on she did not want to go crazy in this department but that she still wanted a hair and makeup artist on set, mostly to take stress off the day (so smart). Ashli did an incredible no-makeup-but there’s -actually-makeup look and a put-together-but-messy hair style, which is seriously way harder than it seems. Emily asked as so many others do after the shoot – “Can she teach me to do that?”
  3. She wanted to celebrate, she wanted to discover, and she wanted to empower herself. From the get-go this was for HER. She has always struggled with how she sees herself, but as a part of overcoming that, she wanted photos that challenged her. Forced her to see a different angle of her face, a different expression, a different attitude. She wanted to bring them to the light. She wanted to see. She wanted to learn to love. 

I cherish my time spent with this incredible human, and lucky me – she lives like 4 blocks away. Excited for more memories, but for now, check her out below…

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  • January 13, 2016 - 6:19 pm

    Inness - I love this SOOOOO MUUUUCH. She looks so strong and cool and gorgeous. The lingerie is ideal and the color palette thrills me. That “no makeup makeup” look is exactly what I always want. Ashli nailed it.ReplyCancel

ValentineI’m back! It has been a crazy-amazing-hectic fall/holiday season and after a wonderful winter break, I am so ready to attack this New Year!! I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before because all I want in 2016 is the chance to pamper and rejuvenate a bunch of courageous, brave and wonderful humans with this experience:

Book a shoot from now until Valentine’s Day & receive a $150 credit towards your choice of products.
This includes prints, albums & digital images!

Alright, so here’s what I know: You have always wanted to do this. Maybe you’ve never been able to commit. Maybe because you’re nervous. Maybe because you don’t think you can do it. Maybe because of the money. Here’s another thing I know: YOU ARE WORTH IT. You’re worth every bit of this experience and YOU CAN DO IT. It’s a New Year and a new you. It’s time. Trust me. This experience is something you will never forget and something I’ve seen people regret not doing when they had the chance! This is the last special I will run like this in 2016. I am giving you a reason to say yes, right now! Do this for YOU, love.

You’ve got this.

Dana Kae

P.S. Below are all of the dates I have left before Valentine’s Day – act fast!

  • 1/21
  • 1/22
  • 1/23 *guaranteed 2/14 delivery of soft-cover albums & prints if we shoot on this day or before
  • 1/28
  • 1/29
  • 1/30
  • 2/4
  • 2/5 *guaranteed 2/14 delivery of digital images if we shoot on this day or before
  • 2/6
  • 2/11
  • 2/12
  • 2/13


Location:  Private Home on Whidbey Island, WA
Hair & Makeup: Ashli Danielle
Client: Carrie

Carrie posted this to facebook shortly after our shoot and I got her permission to share it with you all. I am honored to have gotten the chance to work with her. She is an inspiring, courageous and absolutely stunning woman. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Over the last year, I’ve learned that if you can’t love yourself at any weight, you’ll never love yourself, no matter your weight. I currently weigh 70 lbs less than I did 6 years ago, but the last year has been the most major transformation I’ve ever experienced – and it was mostly mental. Shedding physical weight won’t ever lighten the emotional burden of self loathing. You have to start with loving yourself, or the rest of it won’t ever matter. Kudos to all of you who are on your journey towards health and well-being, but remember that the number on the scale isn’t everything. Give yourself a big hug and start celebrating who you are right this very moment. 

In celebration of my journey, I recently did a photoshoot with Dana Kae, a seriously phenomenal human being whose character and compassion are utterly awe-inspiring. Check out her amazing work. And then book your own shoot.”


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