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In the spirit of Christmas and romance and all things wintery and wonderful, I’ve decided to add a beautiful soft cover photo book to EVERY session before Valentine’s Day this year. The best part is – they’re ready in only 5 DAYS for your special someone. That. is. SO FAST. You get to pick the size (5.5×5.5, 6×8, 8.5×8.5, 8.25×11), the cover photo and preview the inside design at your Image Review!

They are so stunningly gorgeous and they feel like butter, take a peek…


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Location: The Alexis Hotel – Downtown Seattle
Hair & Makeup: Ashli Danielle
Client: Adriana


It’s hard to believe these images were taken over a year ago, November 3rd of last year to be exact. My business was only about 6 months old. Adriana was my 11th client. I feel vulnerable admitting that for some reason. My thoughts immediately go to, “11 clients in 6 months, you should be ashamed of that, don’t write that online”, but f*ck that. I’m calling BS on myself. I started this business without a portfolio in boudoir. I was 24. I was broke. I had just quit my job. I distinctly remember thinking “This is totally insane but if I never try, I’ll always regret it.”  So I did it anyway and turned a profit my first year.

Even if it’s hard, and damn it, it is still very hard. Every day it’s hard, but I get through the tough times by remembering what I’m really doing this for – those moments when I get an email a year later from a client who is still SO in love with her pictures she’s decided she wants to be on the site. That’s what makes me feel like I’m making a difference. Thank you for being a bright light Adriana! Now let’s get our Glitter & Glamour on…

All my love,
Dana Kae

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  • December 9, 2014 - 4:17 pm

    Inness - Stunninnnng! I’m so glad she chose to share these! You are on the right path for sure. You make the world a more beautiful place with your art.ReplyCancel

Location: Private Cabin & The Bloedel Reserve  Bainbridge, WA
Hair & Makeup: Ashli Danielle
Wardrobe: Featuring a deep green lingerie set by Mimi Holliday from Zovo in Seattle!
Client: Inness


As soon as I started planning my holiday promo shoot, I knew it had to be Inness. There’s something so incredible about this woman. The way she moves, completely without inhibition, is so rare and fun to photograph. It’s the type of movement I aim to cultivate in all of my work, but she just totally gets it and I love that. Here’s to the bringing in the holidays with some style! It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, I guess we called it ; )

All my love,
Dana Kae


Location: Private Residence  Poulsbo, WA
Hair & Makeup: Client Provided
Client: Megan



The lesser of two evils or the greater? Shouldn’t it be the choice of the client what stays and what goes? My personal game plan has always been to really listen. Listen to her concerns. Her fears. Her excitement. What does she really want to see in the photos? I let all of that guide me towards the perfect edit and shooting style. Of course, because I’m a bit of a ‘body love’ enthusiast, I work tirelessly to create photographs that will help her love what she’s got – even the things I know she’s self conscious about. While a good balance is important, I don’t just avoid those things altogether. If I can help someone find love for a part of their body they’ve become disconnected from, even for a moment – that is the true joy of this job.

For Megan’s shoot, she wanted a more natural feel (which I’m all about) so I focused on simple things like brightening and sharpening her eyes to make them pop and small edits like blemishes and wardrobe clean-up. Then I followed up with an Image Reveal as I always do, where we saw everything on a big screen slideshow and discussed any additional edits. Every client leaves absolutely in love with their images and I hope, a little more in love with their body. I KNOW this process helps!

All my love,
Dana Kae

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  • November 26, 2014 - 11:40 am

    Inness - This is super cute and beautiful! I love the shots with the records especially.ReplyCancel

  • November 27, 2014 - 1:50 am

    Allison - The photos feel natural and light & airy. Most importantly, your words are so inspirational!ReplyCancel