Sam, Derek, & Eva at home family portraits

Family Photography Tips!

  1. Come with the right expectations – kids don’t always want to do what you tell them! But are usually cute regardless. At certain ages we have to let a little control go and get photos of whatever they feel like doing. Whether that’s a cute pic of them obsessing over whatever’s on the ground, or making funny faces, or running from you. It’s all cute if Mommy and Daddy are laughing in the background.
  2. For in home sessions – clean up! More than you think! Clutter/wrinkly sheets and blankets are a big no-no.
  3. Plan outfits in advance and keep in mind that the whole family’s outfits need to “go together”. Google search family picture outfit ideas – you’ll get tons of inspo! In my opinion, neutral bright colors photograph best.
  4. Bring a few favorite toys and snacks to keep everyone happy, entertained, and fed.
  5. Be okay with taking breaks! It goes a long way to keeping kiddos in a good mood. No need to rush.
  6. Smile A LOT :)


Location: Private Home in Seattle, WA

Client: Sam, Derek, & Eva

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