Tips for river shoots (and other outdoor photoshoot adventures)!

So after my 2nd summer shooting in this gorgeous place – I have a number of tips to having the best shoot there, but this really applies to a lot of outdoor session adventures:

#1 be ready to get dirty! Bring towels, a plastic bag for wet clothes, clean water to drink and to rinse things as needed.

#2 bring good water shoes and hiking shoes! An absolute must for going in any body of water and getting to and from it. There is the tiniest semi-steep hike to this river location – maybe 20-30 feet total but having a good shoe makes all the difference.

#3 waterproof makeup! Good for getting in the water and for potential rain situations as well!

#4 bring stuff you’re willing to lose! Things may get ruined by sap or dirt, your makeup and hair will be almost totally gone by the end, outfits may snag or not wash well after being in the elements. Or you may set your bag in lime green paint on a freshly painted bench (it has happened).

#5 prep for being REALLY cold! I suggest planning for late July or August to get the warmest water conditions (and in in the river it will *still* be cold). Lakes or other smaller bodies of water are a little warmer but this is worth researching and making sure you pick a temp you can be decently comfortable with for some time. Bring a blanket or a warm robe if you’d like something to warm up in between looks.

#6 be prepared with the usual outdoor adventure items! Sunscreen, snacks, water bottles, hot tea in a thermos if it’s cold, extra towels, a change of clothes for after, anything else you may need.

#7 be flexible – weather can make or break the day! It’s possible we will need to reschedule if there’s a chance of rain (which in *most* cases is not something we want although I have protective rain gear for my camera for such situations), I’ll keep an eye on weather and guide us through this part but it is something to consider and be aware of in advance. We need to be especially careful of this if we will be *in* the water.

#9 leave your ego at the door! There’s nothing glamorous about this. We’re getting naked in public, we’re slipping on rocks, we’re peeing in the water, it ain’t as cute as it looks (which is most boudoir for you really). So just go with the flow, don’t be embarrassed, take it slow, and have fun!



Location: Secret Spot on Snoqualmie River

Client: Sharon

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