Tips for river shoots (and any wet outdoor photoshoot adventure)!

So after my 2nd summer shooting in this gorgeous place – I have a number of tips to having the best shoot there:

#1 be ready to get dirty! Bring towels, a plastic bag for wet clothes, clean water to drink and rinse things as needed.

#2 water shoes! An absolute must. Need I say more?

#3 leave your ego at the door! There’s nothing glamorous about this. We’re getting naked in public, we’re slipping on rocks, we’re peeing in the water.

#4 bring stuff you’re willing to lose! Things may get ruined by sap, your makeup and hair will be almost totally gone by the end, outfits may snag or not wash well after being in the water.

#5 prep for being REALLY cold! It is almost always cold in the water. I suggest planning for late July or August to get the warmest conditions (and it will still be cold).

#6 weather can make or break the day! It’s possible we will need to reschedule if it’s cloudy/cold and especially if there’s any chance of rain, I’ll keep an eye on weather and guide us through that but it is something to emotionally prepare for.

#7 bring good (non-water) shoes for the hike down! There is the tiniest semi-steep hike to the river, maybe 20-30 feet? With that being said, I am NOT a hiker and it’s fine for me even with my gear. I just like to mention it in case!


Location: Secret Spot on Snoqualmie River

Client: Sharon

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