LaConner Boudoir with Andrea

LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. I am not a studio photographer. Yes, I have my tiny house and I can create a variety of cute little sets in it that work great, but NOTHING is going to compare to us finding a location that SPEAKS to you. Like in that really special way. And quite honestly, that shit speaks to me too and just lights me up as an artist.

Do you want something truly unique and as customized to you as possible? Then take the time to brainstorm (I can help!) your dream location and let’s find it. Sometimes doing this can even be cheaper than renting a space – Andrea was able to use The Oyster & Thistle for FREE! It is beyond worth doing this research and I’ll be so thrilled to help you do it. Let’s have some fun ;)


Location: The Oyster & Thistle Restaurant & Pub // La Conner Channel Lodge

Client: Andrea

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