Webcam Sessions!

So I stumbled upon a VERY fun thing (THANK YOU Teri Hofford & my dear friend Andrea/Icon After Hours). Y’ALL. Webcam sessions! Whaaaat???? Back up. Let’s start with the obvious. We’re all…

…stuck at home.

…feeling uneasy about the future and the prospect of being isolated for A WHILE.

…needing a pick me up and reminder that we’re NOT in fact actual cave dwellers and are still the gorgeous babes we were pre-pandemic.

…curating a mighty fine gaggle of tinder matches who, let’s face it, need pics of you ASAP.


Initially I tried this process with a few friends who absolutely LOST IT when they saw their pics. About 2 months and 40ish sessions later, I’ve heard multiple times now “that’s the most fun I’ve had since we went on lockdown”. While the photos will never be the same resolution and quality as they are from my DSLR, they are hella social worthy and will score you some seriously dreamy right swipes. You’ll also pick up a thing or two about how and where to take the best photos in your home. This is the perfect way to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me. Whether you’ve had to put off saving up for a shoot or you don’t live near Seattle, this experience is hands down one of the easiest ways to get in front of my camera, well, webcam ;)


…Any phone or ipad

…A (good) wi-fi connection

…Phone Stand/Tripod or a stool or chair or anything sturdy enough to lean the phone against (plenty of ways to be creative with this one)


HOW IT WORKS I’ll invite you to a Zoom meeting or call you on FaceTime, whichever you prefer. We’ll do a quick walkabout your place, I’ll find the best light and decide where we should shoot. I’ll tell you where to put the camera, how to pose, and I’ll be screen-shotting my little heart away on the other side of that webcam while you do it. You don’t even have to press any buttons!

WHAT TO WEAR It’s safe to say we’ll have time for at least 1, maybe 2 looks. Don’t overthink this one, lots of things will work. No lingerie? How about a loose sweater, or a little white tank, or some good ol’ nudes? We can 100% work with what you already have.

DO I NEED HAIR AND MAKEUP? Yes and no. Certainly not professional. But use whatever products make you feel good, throw a few curls in your hair if you want to! Remember that the photos won’t show fine details because of their low-resolution but your confidence will show through. This is purely about you feeling good!

MY PLACE ISN’T CUTE, WILL IT STILL WORK? Yah definitely. Honestly, I could do a whole session with a blank wall by a window. Or a wooden floor by a window. Or a bed by a lamp. See the common thread? We just need a bit of light. I’ll help find the spots, your house has them, I promise!

IS THIS LIKE A REGULAR SESSION? Not at all. While this is a fun little substitute for the time being, it definitely doesn’t compare to a 2 hour + experience with 50-150 final selects and seeing yourself in print worthy full-res, all made up, bombshell badassery. Webcam photos lend themselves to a more grainy and raw vintage vibe and are more about us creating, collaborating, having a blast, and feeling empowered in these crazy times.



You can also add-on a couple of fun little products to your session! While I don’t recommend printing over 5×7, these photos work perfectly for RetroViewers or as Polaroids. You can add those on when you book with me or you can order after the shoot! Can’t wait to hear from you love 💋



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