Cyberpunk Neon Boudoir Session

Location: Private Private Home in Seattle, WA

Client: Blue

Cyberpunk Neon Boudoir Session of my dreams <3 Something I’ve been really excited about lately is the idea of getting a bit more land and creating some really dream photo locations. I feel like the Seattle area is severely lacking in design-focused spaces besides the very typical pnw brick loft (which is gorgeous don’t get me wrong), but I’m desperately craving some more out of the box options. I see beautiful rental locations in LA, I’m talking rain rooms, neon rooms, all fuzzy pink rooms, art deco weird stunning spaces and I just know that we could support those spaces up here in Seattle. Since listing the tiny haus on Peerspace, I can’t believe the interest I’ve had! There’s so much demand and the interior designer in me is like holy shit, it’s on. So let’s all just manifest the shit out of this because I feel like it could be super special and I’m stoked about all the possibilities! <3

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