The Amazing Alice

Location: On a private flower farm in Bellingham,WA

I just got off the phone with Alice. Normally I hate being on the phone, but somehow I can talk to her for a couple hours and it feels like 20 minutes. You know those people who just make you feel something extra? It’s almost indescribable. Tangibly, the smile across my face feels bigger, my eyes feel more open, I laugh harder. Simply, I just love the shit out of her.

I drove with her down to her old/new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico when she moved a few months ago. Below are some photos from that trip as well as some pictures I took of her before we left for ABQ. I miss her like crazy. Talking to her on the phone today and working on our pictures after almost made it feel like she was here. Today was a good day, my heart is happy :)

🌻 Also, you HAVE to check out Alice’s new flower farming biz in New Mexico –  Summer Days 🌻

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