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LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Let’s talk about it. So I have tons of resources for you. Of course there’s your home or my Tiny Haus in Everett, which is verrrrrry cute, easy, and totally free for my clients to use. However, if you don’t love your space and coming to Everett isn’t in the cards I would 100% recommend entertaining the idea of renting a location! It gives us lots of flexibility to really marry your vision with the perfect spot to make your photos even more unique and custom to you. Below are my tried and true favorite hotels, list of airbnbs both local and abroad, my favorite Peerspace hourly photography studio rentals, and a list of my favorite outdoor spaces (which are totally free, just need a bit of confidence!):


In most cases, I can recommend which exact rooms are best in each based on the particular furniture, styling, and lighting. A word of advice – unless you need it, always make sure you are *not* getting the ADA unit. They often have a completely differently setup than photos online, especially in the bathrooms! And this is by no means a comprehensive list of hotels in Seattle, so if you don’t see anything here you may want to look around. Occasionally people find other gems they love!



Some of these locations I’ve shot in, some I haven’t, feel free to ask me what I might know about a specific location if you find one you like. AirBnB is a particularly good option if you also want outdoor space, as there are usually homes with some level of backyard privacy (although, it’s important to read the descriptions thoroughly to find out). And same as with hotels, these lists are by no means comprehensive and I encourage you to do your own research as well, new spaces are being added everyday!



Geared towards hourly rentals for photoshoots and events, Peerspace is like airbnb for creatives. Definitely worth a look if you want more of a studio vibe, the pnw brick loft vibe, or other unique spaces set up specifically for photography and events. Here are links to some of my favorites, but again, do feel free to do your own searching on the site, constant influx of new spaces :) There are a few on the site that I recommend staying away from (dirty, not what they look like in pics, etc.), but I’ll absolutely let you know beforehand if you happen to like one of those.

Natural light photo studios:

  • CREATE WITHIN – great seamless options, super clean, not very private
  • NORTHLIGHT – unique windows, very private
  • AETHER – large clean space, geared towards dance/yoga themes but could work for other things too, mostly private
  • SODO CYC WALL – large clean space with lots of gear rental if needed and the only full corner cyc wall I know of in Seattle, very private

Pioneer Square Brick Lofts:




And lastly, free outside spaces are always an option! Far down the beach away from folks early in the morning at Golden Gardens, deep in the forests of Discovery Park, a field out in Snohomish, or a cute nook on the Snoqualmie River. Here’s a favorite outdoor locations both near me in Everett (and can be combined with the tiny house), closer to Seattle, and way outside of both towns. Lots of amazing options!



And if all of this is just too much or you have a very specific vision but don’t have the time to do the searching  – I do offer location scouting starting at $300 + the cost of the location!


The world is your oyster darling, you just have to imagine it and we will find the perfect spot :)


Location: The Palladian Hotel in downtown Seattle, WA

Hair & Makeup: Katya Gudaeva

Client: Poppy

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